Name of Coordinator:  Dr. O. Shashikumar Singh, Associate Professor of Zoology

Name of the Co-Coordinator:  Dr. N. Beenakumari Devi, Associate Professor in Botany

The Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) was established on 4th June, 2008 under the sponsorship of Department of Biotechnology (Bioinformatics Division), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. The Centre is a part of a scheme entitled “Establishment of Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) for Promotion of Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics (BTBI)” under the Biotechnology Information Service Network (BTISnet) program of the Department of Biotechnology.

Vision of the centre is to expose the science students of Manipur to the emerging trends of science and technology, particularly, Bioinformatics. Since its establishment in 2009, till now, the centre has organized more than 12 workshops/seminars/training programs for teachers, research scholars and students. More than 1000 students benefitted and gain knowledge about Bioinformatics and its computational programs in Biology from the training program conducted. The centre has carried out many research work and its findings were published in national and international journals. At present 9 scientific papers have been publish. Our centre has developed four digital databases and it can be access from the BIF website  Two research assistant are working at the centre and taking the major initiative of all the research works and in conducting Bioinformatics programs. Currently Five research scholars are working at the centre. Also a numbers of teachers and students have benefitted from the e-journals provide by DBT through DELCON.