D.M. College Alumni Association

In 1987, the working lecturers of D. M. College who were mostly ex-Dhanamanjurians strongly felt the idea of formation of a forum for all the ex- Dhanamanjurians who were in different professions. In a meeting held in Chemistry Block of D.M. College of Science on the 19th January 1987, the D.M. College Alumni Association was formed with Smt. S. Nirmala Sashi Devi, K. Nabachandra Singh, A .Brajakumar Sharma as its Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The main objectives of the Association are:

  1. To celebrate Alumni Day in the month of August every year wherein the ex-Dhanamanjurians in different walks of life come together and exchange ideas to enhance the image of the Alma Mater,
  2. To celebrate golden, diamond, platinum and centenary in 1996 , 2006, 2021 and 2046 A.D.,
  3. To encourage meritorious students by awarding prizes, cash awards etc.

The Association was registered in 1987 under Societies Registration Act, its number being 37/Manipur/ SR of 1987. The office was run in the then Chemistry Deptt. of D.M. College of Science. The enthusiastic members and office bearers launched a campaign for enrolment of the ex-students by moving from door to door, and from office to office. The first D.M College Alumni Day was celebrated in the year 1987 on the 6th of August in the Central Hall of D.M.College.Out of about 180 ex-Dhanamanjurians enrolled spread over the entire state , 170 members attended the celebration, A special feature of the function was the verbal reports of the students of first batch of 1946. They held the audience spellbound. A vivid picture of dress pattern of the students and the teachers, the typical Dhanamanjurian way of teaching by the gifted teachers of those days, active participation of the students in extra-curricular activities, social works etc. captivated the attention of the listeners. Members of both genders attending the function presented songs they used to present in their old College day functions many years back. Many renowned ex- Dhanamanjurian artistes enlivened the gathering. A grand feast was also arranged on that day. It was really pleasing to see ex-students in different walks of life of different batches right from 1946 seize the golden opportunity of exchanging with one another after many years in the Almameter where once they stood as innocent boys and girls unaware of what the providence was in store for them.

The office bearers of the Association soon felt the need of having a permanent office room of the Association within the campus of D.M.College. A long strip of land on the south eastern side running parallel to the Imphal- Dimapur Road was earmarked for the construction of a Jubilee Hall. The dream has not been materialized till date because of various flaws in transferring the ownership of the said piece of land to the Alumni Association.

In 1996, on the 6th August, the Golden Jubilee D. M. College was celebrated in a befitting way. The best degree students of Science, Arts, Commerce and Teacher Trainee were given cash awards of Rs.1000/- each and merit certificates by way of encouraging the meritorious students of D.M. College of Manipur. The Association continues to celebrate the Alumni Day giving Cash Awards and merit certificates to the best degree students, post graduate (science) students and teacher trainee of D. M. College but due to lack of initiative on the part of office bearers and lack of response from the general members this regular trend of holding Alummi Day every year as enshrined in the Constitution of the Association becomes less realistic. Let this not happen in future with the active support and participation of the D.M. College Alumni members. Let us strive to enrol more and more members to keep the flame of fraternity and continuity burning.

Long Live D.M.College !
Long Live D.M. College Alumni Association!